a búaxualy week ^_^

At recent times, the writing blog is very difficult,exactly it is a challenge to me. I don’t know the reason why ^^. But I try to post at least one entry a week in English. Maybe, it is my attempt to improve the writing skill. The last week, everything was normal. Day by day,week by week, I go to school,then come back home, review the lesson,do the homework and sleep ^^. Although it like the regulation but I don’t think it is boring ,because everything I do I do it for…me,for you,for family,even for social. Last Monday, some friends who are my neighbour and I visited The’s mother in the hospital. According to the information I know, she have renal cancer. When we heard this information,we really felt sad and we wanted to share the feeling with her and her family. Although in that day, at the first time, Duyến took us to the Thong Nhat hospital. After taking the motorbike to the site for keeping, Duyến had a call to The,he wanted to know the exactly room where The’s mother was staying. Can you predict the things that happened to us? It was incredible! We had a mistake “It is not the Thong Nhat hospital,but it is the Cho Ray hospital”. . Fortunately, we didn’t go up to the fourth floor in Thong Nhat hospital. Oh!My God. Then,we went to the Cho Ray hospital. It is a long way to go there from Thong Nhat hospital. It took us over 20 minutes to go there. Because there were many cars and motorbikes but the streets are very narrow. Maybe,it is the main reason always occur the traffic jam at rush hours.In the future, I hope the infrastructure of our country will develop and the traffic system will be changed. Anyway, it is the problem of the government not is of a civilian like me ^^. It took us a lot time to find a few places for our motorbikes. Then,we went up to the fourth floor to visit,encourage and give her a little gift. She look likes not enough old but why does she have a dangerous disease. I realize that the life like a way we try to go towards the destination,but we don’t know exactly how far is the destination from the place we are standing! We should respect it and try our best in the living. Last week, I also had a opportunity to watch a great movie on HBO channel with tittle “Can’t Wait Hardly”. It is kind of comedy and romantic. That movie made me change in my thinking. it is a good lesson for my life! Uhhhh,there are many remaining things I want to tell but the entry seem to be quite long. I don’t want you call me a talkative person ^^. The bad things always spread quickly. So I worry about it. Have a nice day! See U later!! (^+^)


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