A serious disaster: Can Tho bridge collapse

Yesterday was very awful. After brushing the teeth,having breakfast, I online to check my message yahoo ,read the new paper…Suddenly, I was very terrified when I read the terrible title of the piece of news ” Can Tho bridge collapsed , many people died”. The news said that “At 8 AM, while many workers were working at the construction site under the bridge,suddenly it collapsed. Many people lied under the wreckage. At that time,many ambulances took victims to the hospital. Around that place,there are some people run quickly toward victims to help them out of the wreckage. The city was not quiet,it was very interesting. Polices , doctors immediately appeared”. It was incredible! According to the information I know at present,the number of people died is about fifty,and the number of injured or missing victims is about seventy . It is a big number, it makes a lot of tear of a few people have one,two or three close relatives in this disaster fall down. When I watched the news on the television, I saw many people was outside the operating room,they cried so much. Some people haven’t heard any news about their close relative, they run anywhere to ask information. Three hospitals in Can Tho overloaded because they don’t have preparation. “It is difficult to predict the disaster will occur in the future”. At the moment, many people from different cities,provinces in the country are ready to help victims and their family. They help by many ways such as: money,do charity,blood…Meanwhile,President Nguyen Minh Triet, Deputy Prime Minister NguyenTrung Hai and a few ministers arrived at the site of incident.The rescue workers try to seek the remaining victims and the police begin to search the site of the incident to seek the reason for the collapse. I think this disaster occurred because the Can Tho bridge’s project manager didn’t have responsibility,experience and supervision about building bridge. Anyway,I hope this disaster will be solved quickly, everything will be normal again!


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