All I Remember…

When I spoke to you, I always began the conversation with “How about today?”. You tipped your head slightly to one side,as though what I had said about. Then you smiled- a beautiful smile- a gentle smile and said very distinctly “Oh, I tried my best. It was a hard day!” .At that time, in my eyes ,you looked as a angle. I wondered “How do you know my feelings?”. I actually feel a little guilty that I hadn’t asked you about that. Up to now,I recognize that “The expression of love isn’t only reciprocated,but by everything you believe,hope…and expect.” Day after day,night after night, I have no doubts that someday,I least expect it,you will appear and at that time,I will be plucking up my heart to talk to you “All I remember is my love for you”. Your words are most important I have ever heard,and that moment is forever engraved on my heart “Let try to count how many times you use the phrase “If…when”. Don’t use this phrase once more”. I believe in myself,I will do that !!! Although everything disappears – love remains.

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