Argue about studing and plan for the future

Last week has been an interesting time that I have spent. I went to class and learnt many useful things. First subject was Artifical Intelligent. It has more theory than practice. Although I have learnt about one month but I only had one project and some small homework.Mr Bac,my AI teacher,gave us only one example but it was very difficult to understand and solve it : “solve a quadratic equation and find the roots x^2-64=0″. It is incredible! At the first look, I thought it was not difficult for a student. But he said,”Don’t use the formula to solve it.” Most of the students tried to solve this problem but “how?” ,”why don’t use the formular”. I didn’t understand what the teacher said. After that, he wrote the key on the black board (nói nôm na là ” Sử dụng thuật toán di truyền sinh học trong phương pháp lập trình. Từ 1 quần thể ban đầu ta chọn ra các cá thể tốt rồi đem chúng lai ghép + phép đột biến sinh ra các cá thể mới tốt hơn .Rồi tiếp tục lấy những cá thể đó đem lai ghép với nhau cho đến khi sinh ra cá thế tốt nhất,khi đó cũng là xấp xỉ bằng nghiệm của bài toán”.Cụ thể là lấy máy tính Casio , Shift + ‘.’ –> đoán số nghiệm –> dùng hàm phát sinh kiểm tra và chọn phần tử tốt nhất –> lai ghép –> cho đến khi có nghiệm gần đúng nhất).I can’t translate that paragraph into English,so I write by Vietnamese ^^. He recommended that we do the homework if we don’t want to fail the final examination. I like watching horror film,it demonstrate that I have strong mental state. But up to now, I can’t get that sentence out of my mind. Hixxx.My slogan is “Don’t be frustrated! Try my best” . I hope I will do everything that I wished. Do you encourage me? ^_^. The second subject was Graphics Programming. The major point that I must pay attention is that algorithms. I had a seminar about final project 2 weeks ago. It seemed very hard! The third subject was Programming Windows. When my teacher entered the class,many students immediately requested that the deadline of project be postponed and he agreed with them. Kekeee. This semester,I have learnt English with a good teacher. She is very happy and teach very clearly. There are many grammartical point which I have never learnt before. Example..Uhmmm : the first sentence “The children,ran to an open field and play footbal as soon as they arrived at the park” . The second sentence resemble the first but it don’t have comma after word “children”. Do you recognize the difference between them? The first means “all of the children play football” but the second means “only some of children play football”. It is very interesting.She gave us the document about gramma and guide how to improve reading skill.There is an idiom “Love me,love my dog” (it means “yêu nhau chẳng quản chẳng nề,một trăm chỗ lệch cũng kê cho bằng”).”Bưởi thiệt”. It amused me! I advice you shouldn’t talk to your friend. The reason is that if they misunderstand, maybe they clap your face ^^. With this subject, we have three choices when do test at mid-semester: 1- do writing on paper, 2- speaking about one topic which she give,3- translate some paragraphs into Vietnamese. I argued with other friend and we decided to choose “speaking” . The reason I want to speak because there are few groups choose it + my speaking skill is not good so I want to get opportunity to practice it. There are some topic which she gave us.Ummm . I don’t remember exactly but its general information are that: 1) “Tell the difference between town and city” – 2) What do you think about studing abroad? Do you like it? Why? – 3) In your opinion, what do you think how to be a successful person? – 4) talk about living of student? – 5) Do you make plan for the future? … My group decide to choose the topic “Do you think that graduate from university with a bachelor degree is only way with every one?”. Exactly there is remaining topic that she gave later time. At first, she asked a question “Did you hear the rumor about the main actress in Vang Anh Diary”. After that, she asked a “difficult question” : Who did download and watch the clip? Nobody raised their hands. The girls look very embarrassing and ashamed. But the boys laughed aloud ^^. phù phù, I fell exhausted! It’s time to stop writing.See U later.Bái bai ^_^

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