Entry for November 29, 2007

Recently I run the deadlines of many project at the end of this semester. Doing some simple calculating I think I sit in font of the personal computer average 10 hours/day. At the midnight,I rarely go to bed before 2AM. As the result of habit, I can’t go to bed and close my eyes if it don’t pass that time.So some friends see I online lately,they talked to me “Why do you online early?” (it is just a joke because it past 11PM at that time). As my wishes to become a programmer,a person sit in font of the PC though many hours,write the source code to make the product to satisfy the customer’s request. As a third-year IT student, I have some my opinion about this career. Maybe many people think that it is a good job with high salary,not to face with wind,dust and even not to have little sweat because the environmental working is a small office with four walls around you and air-conditioner …I agree with you, but the ones who are learning or working in IT can realize it is not easy,even you don’t have many opportunities to be promoted and think about “stop and smell the flower”,it means that you stop working and have a rest. I am have a feeling that it is difficult to describe by some words when the teacher said “The deadline of this project is xx/xx/xxxx”. “Deadline” is seem to be the hard work to think about and like it. Anyway, I think every career has a advantages and disadvantages that I must to adapt,like and have the fascinating feeling ,so at that time I have many opportunities to show off yourself.
– Today, the major point which I want to argue with you is topic “Do you think that graduating from university is only way for every one”. This topic has two parts:
+ The first “Graduating from university with a bachelor degree is very useful”
+ The second “Learning in university is not an only choice for every one”
Maybe you have ever listened about this topic on the newspaper or forum many times. So,today I want to talk about this topic by my opinions. Every one has the wishes,the ambitious for the future since they were born. When you were a toddler,you learned to speak and walk.When you studied elementary school,you tried your best to become a pupil in secondary school.Through the time,your target was higher. And in my opinion,university is last target and dream with every one. Have you ever wondered why you want to study at university? Maybe there are many answers depend on every one’s thinking. Such as: that is your parents’ wish, you feel proud of yourself when you study at university,you think that it is a best choice for your bright future…But in my opinion,the most important things is that the knowledge and the skill which you learn at university. I will present seven main ideas:
+ Studying at university will improve your understanding of the world around you.
+ It will give you the important skills,open to students to a range of ways of thinking,analysis many problems,and develop real solutions for real problems.
+ Learning university will provide some of the background knowledge,such as,how to do a good software,manipulate to your computer…and provide necessary skills:research skill,effective group work skill…that you can apply these skills in the future.
+ You will have the potential to improve quality and comfortable life through the research you do.
+ If you have got a qualification,you will be able to get a good job with high salary and have many opportunities to be promoted.
+ If you want to find a good job,having certification of university and knowledge is an advantage.
+ In order to study well at university,you will need to develop effective studying skills and strategies.


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