My first entry ^^

This is the first entry I write in English. Although, I have learnt English for a long time,about 7 years but I rarely use it for communication everyday. Maybe,there are many reasons,such as: I pronounce not well so I fell shy,embarrassing when speak English in font of a person, and live in a space that number of people speak English as a second language is restricted… But from now,I decide to learn English well, because it is very useful for my job in the future. Information technology is the job not only require you have a good skill,experience but also you must use English well,it is very important for researching,looking for information,communicate with customers,staffs…That is the most important reason that I realized. Then,I am going to tell a little thing happended with me today. Today,I feel not good, exactly I think I had a temperature. In the afternoon, Tai-this is my friend since I studied in the Nguyen Thuong Hien high shool.He called and asked me to play basketball in the Phu Tho stadium. At the beginning,I had accepted his invitation, but after a few minutes, he called back and talked to delay the game. Maybe,one of the members in my team is busy or walk with his girlfriend. Hixxxhixx. Although , after having dinner with the family, I am really exhausted but I remember there is a Mid-Autumn Festival that local when I live,will organize for children. I try to go there to cheer with the children. I realized that the mid-autumn festival in recent times is not happy as many years ago. Because it is very simple . Every child will take a present and then return home…Bored! That’s the most thing I want to tell in this first entry. I really fell sleep like that I have just drunk a tablet sleeping. Oh,my God! See you later. Good night with many beautiful dreams!

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