Likno Web Button Maker v2.0.132


Stylish and professional 3D buttons powered by the DirectX technology! Design an endless variety of 2D & 3D web buttons with different themes, effects, backgrounds, text options, shadow, lighting, & more.
Likno Web Button Maker is a user-friendly software for creating unique and professional custom 2D and 3D buttons for your web site pages and projects fast and easy. Design and create an endless variety of eye-catching web buttons by defining/applying different features and effects such as background, text options, symbols, dimensions, text, size, shadow, lighting, texture, shapes, colours, links, and more.

You can choose from various shapes and pre-defined styles ranging from plastic to metallic, or simply customize your own buttons. Impress your web site visitors by displaying unique navigation buttons on your html pages, or simply transform your projects by applying stylish web buttons to them. Guide your users to the desired “click” by creating attractive buttons with our web button generator.

Major Features
The design of a web button is all about creativity and finding a stylish and impressive way to guide users to the “desired” click. Whether you are creating buttons for your web pages or projects there are many options as to what you can do with Likno Web Button Maker.

>> Button Factory (new!)
The Button Factory dialog provides a fast and fun way to create buttons without having to manually tweak all the parameters which can be found in the various tabs of the application.
>> Adding Characters-Symbols to your button text.
>> Editing the dimensions and margins of your web button.
>> Enhanced texture adding and editing feature.
>> Customization of the material of the web button.
>> Adding background to the button.
>> Defining and editing button lighting.
>> Button and text shadow features.
>> Creation of Rollover buttons.
>> Creation of Button Family (set of buttons with same definitions but different captions).
>> Integration with Microsoft®FrontPage®.
>> Adding links to your web buttons.
>> Editing and adding text actions to the button.
>> Downloading of additional button shapes, textures, presets and samples through available Button Packs.
>> Preview of the buttons as they are being designed and customized.
>> Advanced Export settings (Export transparent PNG – GIF).
>> Copy-Paste State Value feature.
Likno Web Button Maker bases itself on the DirectX technology in order to achieve high quality 3D button creation.


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